While Grant Nicholas is known mainly as the lead singer of Feeder, it was clear from the beginning that this show would be a Feeder free zone. If, like me, you love Feeder and you have heard Grant's new album 'Yorktown Heights', then you might've felt a little concerned on how the show was going to go down, and how the Nottingham crowd would react bearing in mind the huge difference between the ticket sales of the solo artist and of the band.

Grant Nicholas

The Bodega was full to bursting, though, by the time Grant was ready to appear. Looking in good spirits, Grant entered with his band of men; for a solo jaunt, the stage looked as full as the rest of the venue (not forgetting the poor guy in the corner getting into position to tune and swap guitars in between songs).

The first chords of 'Counting Steps' were played and the packed out Bodega was silent apart from Grant and his guitar. The silence was scary as everyone became transfixed on the man singing in front of his fairy light decked mic. The mood continued with 'Safe In Place' and 'Soul Mates' which truly showed the confidence this guy has in his music. You couldn't get a bigger contrast of this against Feeder.

While things were going so well, Grant Nicholas indulged in a bit of crowd interaction, talking about the next track, the title track of his new mini album 'Black Clouds', and asking the crowd if he should have brought some with him to sell. 'Black Clouds' was a bit darker and very different to his debut album stuff, but just showed the variety of Grant Nicholas and what an awesome singer-songwriter he really is.

The night flowed perfectly as each song seemed to interlock into the next, and with tracks like 'Joan Of Arc', 'Hitori' and 'Vampires' having a different slant on the live stage. He also sneaked in a couple more of the new tracks from his mini album, but it didn't look as though it was the first time that audience had heard these.

What better way to finish the night off but with 'Robots'? Grant slowed this one right down before walking off stage to 'Robots' from the decks.

One thing that has to said is that there was no sign of Feeder. Grant never did any Feeder songs, but what was more surprising and encouraging was that there was only one person in the crowd who seemed to want it. That in itself just tells you how much of an awesome show Grant and his team had managed to create.

Mark Moore

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