The Cast

Of course Grant Gustin, who we’ve already seen in 'Arrow' as Barry Allen, will be playing the titular character. 'Law and Order’s' Jessie L Martin will star alongside him as Detective West, a cop who acts as a surrogate father to the young Allen. His daughter Iris will be played by Candice Patton. Other cast members include Michelle Harrison who has a guest role as Barry Allen’s mother and '300's' Patrick Sabongui   as Central City Police Captain David Singh.

Grant GustinGrant Gustin Will Play The Flash

A stir has also been caused by the casting of Rick Cossnet and Danielle Panabaker, whose character's bear a resembalance to the DC villains Reverse Flash and Killer Frost. it is thought that their two characters could be the origins of the famous villains. Then perhaps the most interesting piece of casting news is that John Wesley Shipp – who starred as Barry Allen in the short-lived 1990 TV series – will appear as a mystery character in the pilot episode of The Flash. There's no word yet on who he could play but maybe Jay Garrick, the original Flash could be making an appearance.

What to expect

Well the first proper look at ‘The Flash’s’ costume has been revealed and the character seem to have really been given an updated look, compared to its 90s predecessor. The new costume is slightly darker in colour with a more leaner, aerodynamic design, that's much more fitting for a superhero whose powers are based on speed. However the costume still holds many similarities to the 90s version and is more of an update than a completley new look. As for the tone of the show, creators have said ‘The Flash’ will lean more towards being a sci-fi drama than crime based like 'Arrow'. Of course they’ll be plenty of action, intrigue and crime as well, since Barry is a crime scene investigator. Judging by what we know so far though, we can safely say that this looks to be a pretty epic series that will surely do justice to the much loved DC character.