Grandaddy @ Leeds Metropolitan University
Grandaddy @ Leeds Metropolitan University 10th November ‘03 - Live Review


Leeds Metropolitan University

10th November ‘03

Apparently trucker style baseball caps are now "cool". Well Grandaddy were wearing them long before the ponces and poseurs deemed them suitable to wear, but for much different reasons I'm sure to those of the world's fashion victims. The band have a similar attitude toward their music; no attempts to join in the latest craze or attempt coolness, these guys just look like they are engrossed with the sounds they are producing. By the end of the evening we are too.

Grandaddy @ Leeds Metropolitan University 10th November ‘03 - Live Review

The vocals could do with being a little louder tonight; although you are always aware when they dip in and out of a song, they are not always audible enough to make out any actual words. However, I'm fairly certain that, in fitting with the music, they are poignant, sometimes beautiful with maybe a little whimsy thrown in here and there. Ever-changing time signatures and exciting and strange keyboard sounds provide colour to the gentle tunes that power along throughout Grandaddy's set, peppered with falsetto vocals and acoustic guitar. Often becoming louder than you would imagine yet never quite really rocking out like you think they should, the band have a strong body of fine songs that keep your foot tapping and head rocking. Tunes of the evening where: Crystal Lake, El Caminos in the West and Now It’s on. All were delivered with great gusto and yet a mellow smoothness.

There's a delicate Mercury Rev-ness about the songs, perhaps down to Jason Lytles vocals, yet delivered with a permanent positivity. It's not always easy for bands to deliver their music so strongly live but from only ever hearing one or two Grandaddy tracks before this evening I am compelled to go seek out more.