Review of Now It's On Single by Grandaddy


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Grandaddy - Now It's On reviewed (released 26.05.03)

Two years ago Grandaddy created the beautifully understated album 'The Sophtware Slump' and now fans have the chance to pounce gratefully on more of the same with the release of new single, 'Now It's On'.

Where lo-fi psychedelic contemporaries Mercury Rev and the Flaming Lips have attained a modicum of commercial success by producing lusher, more orchestrated albums, Jason Lytle (the daddy of Grandaddy, if you like) has buried tunes so deep into tracks that perseverance is often required to truly appreciate the songs.

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'Now It's On' is a superb release, more immediate than much of their back catalogue, it even attains the giddy heights of 'Hewlett's Daughter' from 'The Sophtware Slump'.

Both bonus tracks on CD1 are worth adding to a Grandaddy collection. 'Trouble With A Capital T' is a largely instrumental gentle guitar melody enlivened by some hearty keyboard plunking. Final song, 'Hey Cowboy The Phone's For You', is a familiarly restrained acoustic tune with a whispered vocal from Lytle.

The single whets the appetite for a new feast of Grandaddy on 9 June, with the release of the album 'Sumday', expect more lo-fi shenanigans and bad spelling.

Gavin Eves