Review of A Wireless Nation Vol 1 Album by Gran Kru Records

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7. Gran Kru Records presents A Wireless Nation Vol 1 () (Album - Gran Kry)
Its not that often that artists choose to mix politics and music.
Gran Kru Records, however, arent shying away from the sometimes-dangerous concoction. They have firm ideas about the state of our UK radio airwaves and have taken the opportunity to release a compilation of various British talent to make a point that we should be hearing more UK music on our radio stations.
Theyre proposing a bill (our music loving prime minister should have received his letter by now) which would require that a minimum of 40% British Origin Music should be included on all UK radio playlistings. It remains doubtful that this would achieve the goal theyre aiming for i.e. greater coverage of unknown artists. In fact the idea may even sound prejudiced, after all we pride ourselves on a multicultural society, surely the music we hear on our radios should represent this.
But whatever your political standpoint, the album is worth a listen. Featuring cuts from the slam dancing Freestylers, the marvellous Roots Manuva, the seriously hardcore Ed Rush & Optical and award winning Asian Dub Foundation, it covers, yes, a section of quality artists and music that is poorly and unfairly represented by our radio stations.
One point needs to be noted however. 90% of the music featured on this CD is hip-hop, music of black origin, US influenced music. If wed had these airplay limitations in the past, and in a more restrictive sense wed all still be dancing around to a penny whistle and a Gaelic harp.
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