Review of D.I.L.E.M.M.A. Single by Grammatics

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Grammatics D.I.L.E.M.M.A. Single

Leeds quartet Grammatics seem to have all the boxes ticked in the right places. An ear for a good pop tune, highly talented musicianship developed from years of being classically trained, the ability to write lyrics transcending the trite aspects of everyday life, and affiliation to one of the country’s most prestigious independent labels are just four to begin with.

So why is it that ‘D.I.L.E.M.M.A.’ doesn’t quite do it for me? Or perhaps more to the point, isn’t as good as its creators would like to think it is. The thing is, amidst all the talk of “intelligent pop” (what, so it’s now just as important to have a 2:1 in Fine Art as it is to be able to construct a half-decent tune?), and “ambitious musical shape-shifting” (whatever that’s supposed to mean), there is an element of self-pretentiousness about the whole thing that makes it impossible at this moment in time to really take Grammatics to your heart in case they send it packing for not wearing the right cap and gown.

As far as potential goes, Grammatics have it in abundance but if they wish to be mentioned in the same sentence as people like Blur and The Arcade Fire, there’s still a fair bit of work to be done in the old tunes department for now.

Still, ‘D.I.L.E.M.M.A.’ at least makes a change from hoary old lad-rock and for that at least, we should be grateful.


Dom Gourlay

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