Irish comedian Graham Norton has criticised U2 frontman Bono for avoiding paying tax in Ireland. Norton is furious the band moved its business empire from Ireland to The Netherlands to avoid paying Irish taxes on royalties and accuses Bono of focusing on international charities while neglecting his responsibility to his native Ireland. And the TV star, who is worth GBP25 million ($47 million), insists he will confront Bono on the issue. Norton says, "People like Bono really annoy me. He goes to hell and back to avoid paying tax. He has a special accountant. He works out Irish tax loopholes. And then he's asking me to buy a well for an African village. "Tarmac the road outside your house, you tight-wad! Or pay for a school in Ireland. "I've never met Bono and now I probably never will. But if I do meet him I'll ask him because I think it's a really hard thing to justify. "I pay a lot of tax. By most people's standards I am rich so I should pay my tax because I can afford it. When I didn't want to pay it was when I didn't have any money."