Grace Woodward thinks feminine dresses will be a big trend this spring.

The fashion stylist - who has worked on 'The X Factor' and was a judge on 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' - has shared her tips for celebrating the warmer weather and advises women to embrace their femininity this season with ultra-pretty floral dresses.

Speaking at the Panasonic Technics Shop to the Beat party at the French Connection store on Oxford Street, London, Grace exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''It's very pretty this spring/summer and I think it's a really nice opportunity to indulge in the femininity of wearing a dress, getting your legs out, wearing heels. Just feeling like a girl.

''Guys love girls in dresses, girls love girls in dresses. You feel amazing and feminine. The floral thing is still going on, but with feminine pastel colours - it's not a hard sexiness anymore. I think that's going to be gorgeous - providing we get some sun!''

The fashion-savvy star - who layered a purple coat on top of jewel-coloured dress at the event last night (13.03.13) - also lamented the fact most celebrities dress to look good rather than for warmth and while she believes it's important to chose clothes that photograph well, it's important to stay true to your style.

She explained: ''I went to art school so a lot of what I do is based on colour and texture. So tonight, it's a theme on the purple colour that's been around a lot. It's hard when you're going out to be photographed because some clothes that you love just don't look good in photos.

''See, Laura Whitmore is wearing a short suit and it's snowing outside. I think there's a bit of a dichotomy - people see celebrity photos and they're wearing next to nothing - but are normal people supposed to dress like that? I just try and be myself.''

Pixie Lott and the stars of 'Made In Chelsea' were also among the guests at the party, which celebrated the launch of Panasonic Technics' new range of headphones.

George Lamb worked with Panasonic Technics to produce five 30-minute playlists for French Connection shoppers to listen to when shopping.