Róisín Murphy has detailed her terrifying meeting with Grace Jones.

The 51-year-old singer/songwriter is a huge fan of the 76-year-old icon but admitted getting to meet the star was not one of her finest moments.

She told The Guardian: "I love Grace Jones, but I was petrified of meeting her. A few years back a friend and I went to see her in Florence. She’s one of my biggest influences and she was brilliant that night. We ended up back at the hotel she was staying in because we knew the gig promoter. She walked in, took one look at us, turned to her people, and said, 'Get these people out of here'."

Róisín also admitted she thinks today's culture is "too hedonistic" and she longs for the simpler party times of the 90s.

She explained: "I think our culture is too hedonistic. People really party now, it’s not like it was in the 90s, going out once in a while. The dance scene in the 80s and 90s was so wonderful, but I always thought that pure hedonism was a dead end. I was never interested in that. I was interested in adventure.

"I mourn the passing of that time I knew. No phones, genuine freedom, actual connection with other people.

"My biggest fear is losing my memory. Losing memories of the culture I grew up in. Losing history. I’m always trying to capture memories, to remember them. The fear is in me that I won’t be able to find them, I won’t remember these things any more."