Veteran singer Grace Jones was reportedly threatened with arrest on an airplane at London's Heathrow airport yesterday (07JUL05), after flying into a wild rage at shocked cabin staff.

The eccentric 56-year-old allegedly ordered crew to take her to the executive lounge when the jet landed, but when she was instead advised to board a less-than-glamorous bus to take her to arrivals with the rest of the passengers, she is said to have lost her temper and began shouting abuse.

Eventually the star, who had flown in from Newark, New Jersey, had to face the police who were ready to arrest her if she didn't calm down and leave the plane, resulting in an embarrassed Jones boarding the bus after all.

A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "Grace was kicking up a right fuss.

"She refused to leave the plane even though all the other 250 passengers had got off. Staff were getting quite upset.

"In the end police told her she could either leave by her own free will or be under arrest. The issue was resolved and the passenger continued with her journey."

Jones was reportedly thrown off a Eurostar train from Paris to London in April (05) after she rowed with a ticket inspector over her seat.

10/07/2005 10:48