Grace Jones is glad she's left modelling behind for a career as a musician.

The 'Slave to the Rhythm' hitmaker started her career as a model in the 1970s before she embarked on a career in the music business, and while fashion is a big part of her live performances, she doesn't feel she missed out by changing her career path.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, she wrote: ''I'm glad I'm not doing [modelling] now. I'd probably be dead. Everybody's so skinny. Size zero is like the walking dead. Not sexy at all.

''When I modelled, I would normally be a model size six, eight, though my shoulders are wide, it's hard to make them fit into things. Now I can't get into model sizes, because they're really small.''

Meanwhile, the singer - who has released 10 studio albums to date, following her 1977 debut 'Portfolio' - has claimed she is ''totally in control'' of her art.

She added: ''I am totally in control of my work. I don't mean I do it on my own - I love to work with other people - but I choose who I work with. Or they choose me, but I like them, so it's fine. When you collaborate, you have to let that person do their thing, otherwise you don't learn anything.''