Review of Hurricane Album by Grace Jones

Album review of Hurricane by Grace Jones.

Grace Jones Hurricane Album

Would you believe it Grace Jones is back! After 19 years in the wilderness she's back with a new album 'Hurricane' released by Wall Of Sound. People aware of Jones knows she's an intense character who's totally unique and uncompromising. It's her total uniqueness that creates such individual expression and 'Hurricane' has some definite good moments. I like the fact there's a lot of cool influences all connected to roots music. I can hear Massive Attack and Faithless influences there for sure keeping it contemporary and having Sly & Robbie in the mix creates a cool dub vibe on some tracks. Her vocal and lyrical delivery creates mood and intrigue and definitely makes for repeat listening. You can't deny there's few like her. 'Williams Blood' be released in December is a great track.

I like this album. It's engrossing and progressive. She's come back with something to say and the blend of music is interesting and fits well with the one and only Grace Jones.

Tareck Ghoneim

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