Earlier this year, Damon Albarn-led virtual, animated group Gorillaz dropped their first track in six years, which served as a sort of protest against the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Titled 'Hallelujah Money', the song featured Mercury Prize winner Benjamin Clementine and dropped the night before Trump was inaugurated into office. The statement they were trying to make with its arrival was for many immediately clear.

Gorillaz are back with new music and a planned TV seriesGorillaz are back with new music and a planned TV series

Fans were brought right back into the Gorillaz fold with the release, nostalgic vibes flowing after months of waiting for new material. Fresh songs had been expected for some time, after a new Gorillaz Instagram account and official website was launched in September, 2016, teasing their return.

Originally created in 1998, the group are best known for their tracks such as 'Feel Good Inc.', which they performed at the Grammy Awards in 2006 with a virtual Madonna, and 'Dare' which shot up the charts in countries across the globe.

Now it looks as if the group could be doing even more with their professional time, taking on the world of television as well as the world of music with their new single and forthcoming LP.

In a new interview with Q Magazine, Jamie Hewlett revealed that a new 10-episode Gorillaz TV series is in the works, after their animated movie with DreamWorks fell through because of it being "too dark to spend a couple of hundred million dollars on."

The plot and exactly what would go on as part of the TV show is still yet to be seen, with details being kept closely under wraps by those working on it.

The chat also saw Albarn reveal that the likes of Sade, Morrissey and Dionne Warwick turned down offers to collaborate on the group's upcoming album release 'Humanz', which he says is more about "a world in which [Trump] could get elected" rather than a direct statement about the political climate.

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Gorillaz release their new album 'Humanz' on April 28. Their Q Magazine cover story is available now.