Gorillaz' Mirdoc Niccals will livestream a cocktail-making masterclass on Thursday (24.11.22).

The virtual band have revealed the latest in their partnership with Smirnoff - for whom they created a limited-edition bottle and four drinks recipes in October - and will bring a "first-of-its-kind" experience to fans at 6pm, where the animated musician will interact live with Youtube viewers "like never before" while taking them through his Vodka Murdini creation.

He said: “Would you like to know the secret to my signature cocktail, the Vodka Murdini? Or maybe you just want to see me shaking one of those cocktail things while I spin inspiring yarns and solve all your problems?

“Then tune in to my live mixology masterclass with Smirnoff. Not into cocktails or top-draw banter? Just sit back and behold my dazzling new tuxedo.”

A Q and A segment will follow the cocktail-making session.

Participants wanting to join in with the master class will need a cocktail shaker, jigger beaker, ice, a Martini glass, vermouth, olive brine, pickles, and Smirnoff’s No. 21 vodka.

Mark Jarman, head of Smirnoff GB, said: “When we blend our creativity with our partners, we create innovative and disruptive new experiences for audiences to enjoy.

“Gorillaz are entertainment originators and real pioneers. This masterclass is a true testament to the endless possibilities that arise from embracing the true power of originality.”

The Vodka Murdini was one of four receipes introduced by the band last month.

A description of the drink said: "Murdoc Niccals is affectionately regarded by the Gorillaz fandom community as Pickle (owing to his green skin) and we wouldn’t put it past him to consider himself the ideal candidate for the next Bond, so it was a no brainer to take the shaken-not-stirred classic and whack a pickle in it… Hold the olive."

Other cocktail recipes created as part of the collaboration include the Smirnoff Brooklyn, Vodka Eyeball and the Sayonara Martini Cocktail.

The limited edition Smirnoff x Gorillaz No. 21 vodka bottle sold out in under 24 hours when it launched late last month.

The masterclass will be available to stream at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeK455Bl8g4