Gorillaz dropped their animated guises for a live gig on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' this week, where they performed their new politically charged song 'Let Me Out' with Pusha T to coincide with the release of their brand new album 'Humanz' today.

Gorillaz drop their new album 'Humanz' this weekGorillaz drop their new album 'Humanz' this week

Damon Albarn's alternative electronic group were joined by New York City rapper Pusha T for their live television performance, and while Mavis Staples couldn't make it to the studio, they include a clip of pre-recorded vocals for her moments in the song. Gorillaz last appearance on 'The Late Show' was in 2010 when David Letterman was still hosting.

'Let Me Out' is the latest single from Gorillaz's fifth studio album 'Humanz'. Co-written by Damon Albarn and Pusha T (aka Terrence Thornton), and produced by Albarn, Remi Kabaka and The Twilite Tone, it follows previous releases 'Saturnz Barz' featuring Popcaan, 'We Got the Power' featuring Jehnny Beth, 'Ascension', featuring Vince Staples and 'Andromeda' featuring D.R.A.M..

Albarn opened up about the political themes of the new record in an interview with Rolling Stone. 'Every conversation with every artist went like this: 'I want this record to embody pain, joy and urgency. We are using our dark fantasies to imagine something happening in this town in the near future, that is turning the world on its head'', he said.

'No one was allowed to say 'Trump' or 'Obama.' Those who tried, you can hear the bleeps on the record where their names were. I didn't want names, because this is not about that moment. That was the fuel for it. 'Imagine how the world will be if that happens'.' 

The track was written very much in the vain of their comeback tune 'Hallelujah Money' featuring Benjamin Clementine released at the beginning of this year, which was accompanied by a video featuring Clementine in a building made to look like Trump Tower.

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'Humanz' is out today (April 28th 2017) on Parlophone and Warner Bros. Records.