Gorillaz would love to do a song with Dolly Parton.

Blur star Damon Albarn and artist JAMIE HEWLETT's cartoon band got Sir Elton John on the track 'The Pink Phantom' and The Cure's Robert Smith on 'Strange Timez' on their latest album, 'Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez', which is out today (23.10.20).

And now they've set their sights on getting the country music legend to drop a verse or two on a future track, as well as fitness legend and actress Jane Fonda.

Jamie - who is behind the visuals for Gorillaz - also revealed they had been in the studio with Dionne Warwick, but she didn't approve of the "imagery" they used.

Asked who their dream special guest would be in an interview with The Sun newspaper, Jamie said: "It changes. We were after Dionne Warwick for many years and we had her in the studio a couple of times but because she’s a pretty full on Christian, she questioned some of the imagery, which was fair enough.I’d like to work with Jane Fonda, her just doing a narration set to music. Dolly Parton who could be quite magnificent."

Damon agreed: “I love Dolly, let’s write her a letter.”

Meanwhile, the 'Song 2' hitmaker revealed he and Robert's voices didn't work well together, which is why he opted to do more of a spoken word piece for 'Strange Timez'.

The 52-year-old musician said of working with the 61-year-old 'Friday I'm In love' hitmaker: "Oh, I loved The Cure, absolutely brilliant.

"Robert’s one of the most wonderful individuals. In fact when I got his contribution, I just thought, ‘Oh God, now I get a chance to sing with him!’

“When I actually tried to, our voices just didn’t work together, so I had to do my Sprechgesang, as they say in Germany.”