Phase 2, Slowboat to Hades
DVD Review

Following the successful Gorillaz first DVD instalment 'Phase 1 - Celebrity Takedown ' comes the second instalment 'Phase 2 - Slowboat to Hades'.

The DVD Features award winning videos, B-sides, large-scale live (single track) performances, interviews with the animated characters and it's all accessed via the amazing 3D Menu. The bonus CD Rom includes 16 Gorillaz related games, wallpapers, screensavers plus hidden extras.

In the end 'Slowboat to Hades' is an essential purchase for any Gorillaz fanatic, though those not so fanatical may find this DVD sometimes a little confusing & perhaps a tad disappointing in terms of a lack of musical offerings. The live performances are few and far between, and the ones featured are of a big-scale (which you may have even seen televised). Whether you decide to purchase this DVD should rely on a love for the animated characters because this release is more about them and the fantasy surroundings they live in.

Colin Burrill

Site - http://www.gorillaz.com