Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is embarking on a punishing, 25-hours-a-week fitness regime to get in shape for a gruelling triathlon.

The Hell's Kitchen star has signed up for the Ironman Wales Championship in the U.K. next month (Sep14) and he is determined to get to the peak of physical fitness ahead of the tough event.

The fiery cook's new routine includes a dawn swim, long runs, and five-hour bike rides.

He says, "I'm doing 25 hours a week. Up at 4am, in the pool by 5.30am for a one-hour swim Monday, Wednesday, Friday... That's followed by a two-hour session on the bike. And then there will be a 10 kilometre run on Tuesday, a 20 kilometre run on Thursday, and then Saturday's a big one; I do a five-hour bike ride."

The Ironman Wales Championship takes places in Pembrokeshire, Wales on 14 September (14).