Review of We Are Not The Same EP by Good Shoes

Good Shoes
We Are Not The Same

Good Shoes We Are Not The Same EP

Good Shoes arise from the misty murky tower block from London. Where has this band has been hiding for the god knows how many years?

Forget Babyshambles, this is raw Indie music at it's best and it is worth the wait! Good Shoes are set to release a four track EP with 'We Are Not The Same' as it's main song.

Its uncanny The Jam are back surely!?!........ No, my mistake, this a fresh sound by Good Shoes. 'We Are Not The Same' starts with what could be described as a stutter but similar to Razorlight, and then Rhys Jones bellows out the lyrics and it's pure magic! Again at the chorus is like a stutter, but it is all-intentional. This opening track must be put on the debut album, (which I can't wait to hear) and i advise you to watch this space. Next is 'Southwest trains' which musically sounds a bit like the Paddington's to me, but still with that distinctive raw sound. I know there are only four tracks, but there isn't a bad one? 'May Lannoye' says not. A lot faster than the other two, but still the quality is there, time to get on Internet and find out when they are touring……. Ah better finish this first, so to the final track of the EP. 'Things To Make And Do' isn't the strongest song on the EP, but it's too late! the damage is done I am hooked; by the time I got this far I didn't care what it was like! Well maybe tomorrow I will reflect and think different?
If this band don't break through then things are going seriously wrong.

Mark Moore

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