Good Charlotte rockers Benji and Joel Madden have paid their respects to their tour manager, who passed away earlier this week (begs17Dec12).

The brothers took to to remember Josh Stern, who had managed several treks for their band, following his death on Tuesday (18Dec12).

Benji writes, "My friend Josh Stern was a loyal, selfless & compassionate guy who always put a smile on my face & in my heart. I wish I'd have told him that. Damn. I'm gonna miss you J-Stizz. God bless you man and keep you with him. See u again one day my little brother. Make sure to take an extra minute&tell the people U love how much they mean to u. I've taken too many of those chances for granted."

Joel added, "Josh Stern was a very special person. So many people are feeling this loss right now. There are no words."

Paramore's Hayley Williams also took to Twitter to tell fans of her sadness over Stern's death, writing, "Today was hard. There's a lot I don't understand about life. Most of it I never will. Cherish your life & the ones you love. RIP Josh Stern."