Good Charlotte's war of words with former drummer CHRIS WILSON has been reignited in a new Penthouse magazine spread. Wilson, who quit the group in 2005, claimed his former bandmates owed him money and withheld equipment he owned, but the group, led by brothers BENJI and Joel Madden, have consistently denied his claims. Now, after months of silence, the bitter dispute has begun again after Joel Madden revealed to Penthouse magazine that he had personally funded the drummer's rehab stint shortly after making Wilson a permanent member of the group. Madden says, "He just went completely downhill with drugs and everything. It got out of control and it started to affect his playing and him showing up. "Finally we just couldn't do it anymore. We even paid for his rehab. "He got mad at us and left to start this other band. But then about 16 months after, when things didn't work out for him, he hits us up and was like, 'You guys owe me money.' But we didn't owe him s**t." In response, Wilson tells the magazine, "They paid for the rehab, but then they stopped paying me and made me pay back almost all of it. Those dudes, they're f**king crazy." Madden admits the ongoing war of words has been trying on him, adding, "He (Wilson) was like a bitchy ex-girlfriend. I hope I never see him again."