Review of Asbo4Life Album by Goldie Lookin Chain

Review of Goldie Lookin Chain's album 'Asbo4Life'

Goldie Lookin Chain Asbo4Life Album

The third album from the Welsh hip-hoppers GLC seems to have missed the point somewhat, shouldn't we be getting our fix of humour all mashed up with a Welsh take on hip-hop?

Admittedly, the third offering has overall an improved quality to it from a production point of view, but it seems however that the humour, the main point of GLC I thought, has taken a dent. Let's be honest these guys are not rappers or hip-hoppers, they are comedians. But this offering leaves you feeling let down and laughing for all the wrong reasons. If we wanted hip-hop we would know where to find it.

The opening bars of 'Apathy' grab your attention, even the Ian Brown ripped chorus is tenable but in the end the song has no real direction. What happened to a follow up to 'Your Mothers Got a Penis' or 'Your Missus Is A Nutter'. The likes of The Flight Of The Conchords doing comedy hip-hop have taken away the novelty of GLC it seems.

Tracks like '3D', 'Space Police' and 'Strobe Lights' verge on an electronic sound but still do not offer any reasons to listen to them again. Tinges of Ian Brown can be heard again on 'Unemployed and Over Drawn' and the closer 'New Day' offers a slight reward for having listened through the whole album.

Sadly, all this album offers is too many tracks and not enough comedy to stand out. We don't want over produced serious efforts from these boys, we want humour. Their cult following however may save this one from the bin and it has to be said, these boys are great to watch live.

Rating: 5/10

Pablo Roffey

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