Goldie Hawn's beauty secret is rest.

The 67-year-old actress says the key to looking good is taking the time to relax and find ''peace''.

She said: ''A rested face is a beautiful face. However you can, find your place of rest and peace.''

However, Goldie - who has been with long-term partner Kurt Russell for over 30 years - also admitted she isn't completely against people going under the knife to preserve their looks.

Asked how she feels about cosmetic surgery, she said: ''It's very, very personal, you just have to do what makes you feel good.''

Goldie has previously admitted she never used to buy ''fancy'' clothes, much to the disappointment of her daughter Kate Hudson.

Goldie said: ''She [Kate] was always her own stylist. If she picked and chose through my closet it was completely out of curiosity... I was not a buyer of fancy clothes, Katie will tell you. I think she remembers a few fancy things I got her, but she created her own style.''

Kate added: ''We weren't a big clothes-buying family, except for back to school. We were more of an active family, dance and sports; going shopping was really a treat when it happened.''