Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn opened up her home to Princess Diana and a young Prince William during the 1990s so the royal family could have a paparazzi-free vacation.
The Overboard star made the big reveal during a royal wedding-themed edition of U.S. morning show The View, which she guest hosted on Friday (29Apr11).
She confessed she had a very special connection to newlywed Prince William and his late mum.
Hawn said, "Fergie (Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York) called me. This is in the early '90s... She said, 'My girlfriend is in need of a place to go where there's no paparazzi. Could she go to the ranch?' And we (partner Kurt Russell and I) said, 'Of course'.
"So they came to the ranch. We have 75-acres in Aspen (Colorado). She (Diana) called me, and she jumped on the bed, she picked up the phone, and she said, 'I'm having the most amazing time. There's so many pillows on your bed." The kids (Prince William and Prince Harry) were laughing. They had the time of their life. ATVing everywhere, no paparazzi. She said, 'Goldie, it was the best vacation of my life.'"