Review of True Romance Album by Golden Silvers

Review of Golden Silvers' album True Romance.

Golden Silvers True Romance Album

Golden Silvers debut creation 'True Romance' is a serene and peaceful way top spend 45 minutes. The album is a collection of catchy, new wave theatrical pop/indie fusion songs with lyrical ingenuity that is cold and deep like concrete slippers.
After expecting a gushy love album, I was surprised to find something original and thought provoking, akin to the Tarantino movie of the same title.

It's the sort of music you can listen to with friends. If you haven't got any of the human variety, rest amongst the felines, canines, lizards or whatever company you choose to keep, close your eyes and prepare for a journey into the dimly-lit world of this North London 3-piece.

The Album opens with the song 'Another Universe', which is a tight and cleverly composed introduction. The sound comes at you, building up an intriguing atmosphere. When the silvery vocals begin, there is a split second of uncertainty where you may think to yourself, I wasn't expecting that! It doesn't take long for the smooth cockney voice and catchy, uplifting chorus to win you over.

All of the songs have subtle differences in style, from the high tempo 80's electro-pop keys on 'True No. 9 Blues (True Romance)' to the church organ/harmony vocals on 'Magic Touch' making the album a bit jerky, but the quality of each individual song, creates the effect that you're taking part in a theatre of sorts and each song is a new chapter in this happy/sad/dark/light juxtaposition of sound.

Overall, some pretty cool lyrics and sounds to be found on this album, which is getting the band some air-time, so grab a copy, pump it out through a sound emitter at home or scramble your mind through your electronic ear device and smile at a stranger on the bus. If you're quick you might still get the opportunity to see them live, as they're touring the UK throughout April. You might even make some friends there.

Rating: 8/10

Pablo Roffey

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