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Jayma Mays: 'I Kneeled At Betty White's Feet'

Glee star Jayma Mays was so in awe of Tv comedy veteran Betty White when the two women first met she dropped to her knees to worship the former Golden Girls star.The actress admits she...

Currin's Naked Painting Of Golden Girls' Bea Arthur Sells For $2 Million

John Currin's topless portrait of Golden Girls actress Bea Arthur has sold for $2 million at Christie's auction house in Manhattan. The 1991 creation aptly titled 'Bea Arthur Naked' captures the beloved television actress from...

Rue Mcclanahan's Belongings Up For Auction

Fans of Rue Mcclanahan will have the chance to own pieces of her iconic Golden Girls memorabilia after they were unveiled as part of an upcoming auction.The actress died in June last year (10) and...

Kesha Wears Psychic Placenta

Kesha wears her own placenta to improve her "psychic abilities".The 'Blow' singer was given the organ - which connects a baby to their mother while they are in the womb - in a necklace form...

White Refuses To Reconcile With Estranged Stepdaughter

GOLDEN GIRLS star BETTY WHITE has refused to end a 30-year feud with her stepdaughter MARTHA LUDDEN.The veteran actress wed Ludden's father, U.S. TV personality Allen Ludden, in 1963 when his daughter was 13. Martha...

Betty White Shines As Snl Turns Golden With Girls

Betty White brought Saturday Night Live its highest ratings since last year's pesidential election as she co-hosted the late-night show and appeared in virtually all of its satirical sketches. The episode scored an 8.8 rating...

Connery Beats Beckham To Finishing Line

Sean Connery beats David Beckham when it comes to exercise, according to a survey.Despite being 77, former James Bond actor Connery has topped a poll of celebrities women think about most when working out, beating...

By on 31 May 2008

Golden Girls Distressed By Getty's Health

BETTY WHITE, BEA ARTHUR and RUE McCLANAHAN are highly distressed by their former GOLDEN GIRLS co-star ESTELLE GETTY's mental health battle. The 81-year-old actress, who played SOPHIA on the classic sitcom, is suffering from...

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