Gok Wan has had to postpone his trip to Australia and New Zealand due to health issues. Revealing the news on Twitter, Gok Wan told his fans that he will have to undergo back surgery due to having back problems recently.

Gok, who is also seemingly popular for his fashion advice down under, had been scheduled to host the Westfield Style Tour both in Australia and New Zealand in April, with a series of live shows being booked for Westfield Centres. The shows were free to the public. However, he has now had to pull out whilst tweeting: 'Not a great day with my back... Love would be greatly appreciated!' He later tweeted that he is on morphine and revealing the news that he will have to have surgery on his back. Keeping in his happy persona, he later stated: 'So... I managed to get to know everyone on my ward. We've swapped chocolates, gossiped and I dispensed fashion advise! Hospital Chic baby!' He has since tweeted that he will be recovering for the next two weeks.

Organisers from Westfield have already suggested that they are attempting to reschedule his tour, stating that they can provide updates with new dates by next week. Gok Wan had also been scheduled to appear alongside Alan Carr on the 'Million Pound Drop' live last night but had to pull out. Alan Carr instead played alongside MELANIE SKYES and won £175,000 for charity.