Glenn Close is still bitter about losing out on the lead in TARZAN movie GREYSTOKE - even though she voiced over the role.

Andie MacDowell landed the part of JANE PORTER in the 1984 film but the producers turned to Close, who had fought for the role, when the FOUR WEDDINGS + A FUNERAL star struggled with her character's southern accent.

Close agreed to voiceover the part and insisted she be uncredited for it, but she's still angry she didn't actually get the role.

She says, "I always felt bad for Andie but I also felt a certain anger, because I wanted so desperately to play that part.

"I even paid a photographer to shoot me in Edwardian costumes. But the director had somebody else in mind.

"So when they came to me, it made me even more sad and angry. I think I ultimately did it, as hard as it was, because I still believed in the story."

06/06/2004 20:58