'Glee' star Matthew Morrison says he has no time to learn his lines because the show's schedule is so gruelling.

The actor is slowly getting used to the early morning starts and late night finishes, but insists the long shoots leave him with very little preparation time for his part as Spanish teacher Will Schuester.

During an appearance on British station BBC Radio 1, he said: "We start, like, at 6.30am on Monday but you have to have a 12-hour turn around after every day, so progressively every week our call time gets later every day, and by Fridays our call is at noon and we're done at 4.00am or something like that.

"Usually if I'm on a little break, that's when I learn my lines. There's been a few times when I've had sheet music or something on set and I've scribbled down some lines on that."

Matthew also revealed he finds it "exciting but also scary" when he thinks about how long the phenomenally successful show could run for, and how many series he could star in.

He added: "It's a 10-year high school, so the kids are going to be there for 10 years. They have to graduate, obviously, at some point. I think that I could possibly be there for a long time which is exciting but also scary."

During his time away from 'Glee', Matthew has found the time to record an album - which includes a duet with Sir Elton John and a collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow.

The 32-year-old heartthrob will be hitting the road to promote the LP and is very excited to finally be releasing his songs.

Speaking about the album - which is due to be released in May - he told British TV host Lorraine Kelly: "I've been sitting on this material for a while. I recorded a lot of it during the first hiatus from 'Glee' about a year ago, but it's been a slow process. Now that 'Glee' has started back up again, I've been doing all my recordings on every single weekend, so I'm actually dying to go to sleep."