Jayma May who plays obsessive compulsive guidance councillor, Emma Pillbury, on Glee will be leaving the show. Rumours have been spreading about the possibility but sources speaking to E! have confirmed they are true. 

Jayma May
Jayma May at the Elle's 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration, L.A.

May will, according to E!'s source, be starring alongside Will Arnett in CBS's drama The Millers. She will be playing the part of Arnett's sister Debbie (a part played in the pilot by Mary Elizabeth Ellis). The Millers follows a family of four Arnett and May as siblings and their parents played by Beau Miller and Margo Martindale. Arnett decides to divorce his wife and his father follows suit. Also starring in the sitcom are Eve Moon and comedian J.B.Smoove. 

A number of other cast members have announced they will not be returning to the musical drama including Heather Morris (Britney); Mark Salling (Puck); Harry Shum Jr (Mike Chang) and Amber Riley (Mercedes). 

Will Arnett
Jayma May will be working alongside Will Arnett on The Millers.

Fans of the show saw her finally marry Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), after four seasons of Emma staring bambi-eyed across the staffroom at him. Surely the writers won't kill off the romance that quickly? 

Apparently not, as a Glee source told E! "she's been cleared to appear in a few episodes" of Glee. There is currently no schedule or particularly plans for her future appearances though. 

Season 5 of Glee will premiere on 19th September 2013. If fans are missing May too much, The Millers premieres on 26th September, so you won't have long to wait. 

Heather Morris
Heather Morris, pictured here at 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild, L.A., is also leaving Glee.