Scottish rockers Glasvegas have promised fans they will remain a group despite no longer having a record label.
The band has revealed that they were dropped by Columbia earlier this year (11) after originally signing to the imprint in 2008.
Despite having no backing from the major label, guitarist Rab Allan insists Glasvegas will carry on and sign a new deal in due course.
He tells, "We're definitely not breaking up. We're thinking about what we want to do, which is probably why people think we're breaking up. People have come in about signing us, but there's no need for us to have a label right now, (lead singer) James (Allan) is writing the third album and when its ready we'll probably sign. The people who want to sign us will still be there in four months time."
It's been a bad few weeks for the rockers - they were forced to scrap their slot at Britain's V Festival at the weekend (20-21Aug11) after revellers pelted them with bottles.