Rockers Glasvegas are calling on their fans to help change the Scottish government's policy on helping women who have suffered a miscarriage.

Frontman James Allan vowed to back the drive after discovering females in his native country are only offered emotional support after losing unborn children three times.

He is urging fans to throw their support behind the campaign by signing an online petition for counselling to be offered after one miscarriage.

Allan tells Scottish newspaper the Daily Record, "We got involved in this through my mother, as she had been affected by this. It's something close to our hearts, definitely.

"Like anything, if we have feelings on stuff, we don't like to force our opinions on other people. We are just laying the reality out in front of people and letting them find out for themselves. As time goes on, you find out about the things in life and there are some bizarre ways the government run things.

"Miscarriage affects a lot of people but also a lot aren't affected - when the majority are not affected then people are unaware of things being messed up.

"Obviously if we could make any difference we'd be totally over the moon. We feel it's our responsibility to try to get involved without any real concrete expectation of what we want to achieve but if anything comes of it that would be amazing."