BlondieBlondie will bring the party with a hit-filled set. Photo: Getty Images, Credit: Jamie McCarthy

Getting the party started early on Friday is 80’s New York superstars Blondie, who, despite their advancing years, will surely enrapture early-risers with hit after hit. Their billing is superbly placed, and it allows the festival to start on a high note of mass sing-alongs to such universally renowned smash-hits as “Heart Of Glass”, “Call Me” and “Atomic”. Having recently been inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame in 2006, the New Waver’s are now of legendary status, but their relatively low billing may be missed by those who fail to scan the line-up with any particular thoroughness.

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Yoko Ono And The Plastic Ono Band

 Yoko Ono
Glastonbury will this year be graced with a rare performance from Yoko Ono and her band. Photo: Getty Images, Credit: Kevin Winter

Formed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the wake of the Beatles break-up, the Plastic Ono Band produced an array of truly innovative albums in the 1970’s and will pitch up on the Park Stage to regale audiences with their experimental weirdness. Yoko Ono, who is now 81 years-old, will helm the group and guide the Plastic Ono band through the coveted evening slot. Punters will also have the opportunity to place their wishes into Yoko’s wish tree. No, that’s not a crass euphemism, but an ancient oak tree in the Green Kids Field where people can attach their most personal or universal wishes to the tree in the hope that it will be granted by the Japanese artist, musician and activist. 

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 The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Brian Jonestown Massacre
Anton Newcombe and the Brian Jonestown Massacre will be hitting Glastonbury. Photo: Getty Images, Credit: Justin Renney

Known as much for their music as they are for being the subject of the documentary Dig! Which drew huge acclaim for its unabashed portrayal of the hugely prolific group in their love-hate relationship with fellow psychedelic rockers The Dandy Warhols. What’s more, the group are infamous for on-stage punch-ups and arguments between band members that have seen past concerts conclude with all out brawls. Fans of that coveted sixties sound will be right at home with the BJM and their pastiche of various sixties genres interspersed with some truly mind-boggling experimentation. A set not to be missed.


MGMT have dropped their pop discretions and now produce truly discombobulating psychedelic rock. Photo: getty Images, credit: Kevin Winter

 Having consciously shed many of the fans who wanted the band to pump out a load of psych-pop tunes in the vein of “Kids” and “Electric Feel”, MGMT have dropped out of the mainstream yet expanded their sound to become an audio-visual feast for true music fans. Headlining the John Peel Stage, MGMT’s set will be a kaleidoscopic adventure through otherworldly sounds and textures so festival goers should be sure to frequent the Magic Circle before their set to stock up on items to enhance the experience. Despite the band not having a hit single for several years, their musical and conceptual audacity leaves the oddball duo fully deserving of the headline slot.