Glastonbury revellers will be able to enjoy free wifi this year thanks to a heard of special cows dotted around the festival. 

The EE cattle won’t be hard to spot. Artist Hank Kruger decorated them and he, seemingly, had little creative license as each one bears the company colours of turquoise and yellow.

Glastonbury FestivalGlastonbury Festival goers in 2013 [Photo: Getty Images, Credt: Matt Cardy[

But that shouldn’t matter to the thousands of festivalgoers set to benefit from the bespoke 4G network which is powering the wifi hotspots. Here are 5 things you can do with your Internet connection. 

Watch the World Cup

Most Glastonbury patrons would be interested in watching The World Cup for one reason: England. But the Three Lions were unceremoniously knocked out of the competition by Italy and Uruguay. But that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to watch. We guarantee you’ll see a group of Brazilians huddled round a tablet screaming, especially considering the Glasto people have already said they're not showing any football. 

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Make your friends jealous

There are always a few friends that don’t manage to get a ticket. Some claim they didn’t try because they thought the line-up was looking bad, even though tickets go on sale well before it’s announced, and others are simply too lazy to wake up early and get frustrated at SeeTickets. Make those friends jealous by uploading trendy snaps of you drinking something unorthodox and expensive, like a Margarita.

Plan your festival

Sure, your free Guardian festival guide will let you formulate a festival itinerary, but that’s rubbish because there’s free wi-fi inside colourful cows. Foresee any potential clashes and argue with your friends about second albums while buying into EE’s latest marketing campaign.

GlastonburyGlastonburt revellers despair as England lose to Germany in the 2010 World Cup [Photo: Getty Images, Credit: Matt Cardy]

Check your bank balance

With Glastonbury tickets costing north of £200, travel and on-site sustenance, not to mention the various numbing agents required to have fun while in a field, the price of this world-famous festival is now akin to a small Southern continental break. Check the damage with free Wi-Fi so you don’t go overdrawn because “a pizza sounds well good.”

Stay connected 

This is the only one that actually has any real-world benefits: Glastonbury is a notoriously difficult place to stay connected at. If you’ve got friends on the other side of the site then forget breezily hooking up with them as Worthy Farm somehow becomes a blackspot for mobile phone signal. But with apps like Whatsapp and Viber allowing you to message/call over WiFi, you might actually be able to see the people you like. 

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