Giuliana Rancic would love to have another baby.

The E! News presenter and husband Bill, 42 are not ready to have a sibling for 18-month-old son Duke - who was born via a surrogate - just yet because they are so busy, but will definitely be exploring their options later this year.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Giuliana said: ''Duke is the best and that is why we would like to have another baby and give him another brother or sister.

''But because we are so busy right now and he is still young - he is 18 months - we will probably start thinking about it in six months, like we will start figuring it out.

''Right now I'm the busiest I have ever been. I have 'E! News' every day. I have 'Fashion Police' once a week. 'Giuliana and Bill' premieres April 1st on E!, which is our new home. And I have a new interview show called 'Beyond The Camera'.''

The 39-year-old star loves spending time with her little boy and joked he is a massive ''flirt'' who already loves blonde women.

She said:''So Duke says ''Mumma'', 'Dadda', 'Ball' and 'Bubba' for his blanket and he just runs everywhere, he gives the best hugs and he is the biggest flirt that you will ever see in your life .

''He loves blondes, he loves older women. He has only flirted once with a blonde girl in his class but he flirts with all the moms, he loves cougars.

''He looks at them he looks down then he bats his eyelashes, he smiles, he waves to pretty girls.

''This kid is trouble to the point where literally I have had a handful of mothers say to me, 'How long has your son been doing this?' They find it shocking how he flirts.''