Those of you watching E! News this week you may have been surprised to see reporter Giuliana Rancic appear on screen completely naked during Thursday (June 13) night's episode. For those of you still wondering just why she appeared on screen without any closes on, it wasn't because some divine intervention or drunken charade, but instead was part of an 'assignment' given to her by E!'s leading lady Joan Rivers.

Rivers was celebrating her 80th birthday this week and to keep the festivities going even while she was at work, the octogenarian was given full control over E! News for one week. On Thursday she decided to give the E! Fashion Police star an extra special responsibility, making her read out a segment on the news in her birthday suit. She stood alongside co-host Jason Kennedy (who didn't seem to mind her new wardrobe) and fulfilled her duties as though she was clothed, whilst Kennedy watched on (in a suit).

See Guiliana Rancic naked on television here.

With a black box keeping her modesty somewhat in check still, Giuliana Instagramed a shot from the news segment later on, complete with the caption “Tune into @enews now to see why I end up anchoring news naked tonight with @unclejjay #nudenews."

The revealing segment was all done in good jest and Giuliana clearly kept her humour throughout the whole thing. Whether she gets to subject Rivers to a similar, or the same kind of treatment when it's her birthday will have to be seen, but really, who wants to see Joan Rivers naked?

Giuliana Rancic Baby shower
Ranci's nudie scene was part of a dare

Joan Rivers Kinky Boots
We doubt/hope Rivers will be returning the dare