Samuel L. Jackson ''suggests ideas'' to Giorgio Armani.

The 'Avengers Age of Ultron' actor has been a fan of the designer since the early days of his career and he is pleased with how well the Italian's label know his taste as they have worked together for so long.

He told the Guardian newspaper: ''The first things I bought when I became successful were an Armani double-breasted blazer and a Hugo Boss trench coat. I developed a great relationship with Mr. Armani, who knows my taste so well now that I can suggest ideas to them.''

The 66-year-old actor keeps so many of the clothes he has worn in his legendary films -including the leather jacket from 'Shaft' - and on photoshoots, his wardrobe spans ''a couple of floors'' of his home.

He admitted: ''The long leather coat I wore in Shaft is one of those iconic things people always ask me about. Occasionally I'll wear it - I actually keep a lot of the clothes from things I do, from movies to photoshoots. I have a huge wardrobe over a couple of floors.''

This weekend, Samuel will launch London Collections Men with a charity catwalk show in aid of One for the Boys, an organisation he chairs which aims to encourage men to speak openly about cancer.

Rocker Alice Cooper will also be appearing at the event.