Giorgio Armani has planned to present fashion shows in Milan this September.

The 85-year-old fashion designer will house catwalk shows for his men and women's collections in Italy for Fashion Month this autumn despite the current warnings surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the ''format is still being defined'' and the catwalks could turn digital following in the footsteps of the Met Gala 2020 where celebrities celebrated the fashion extravaganza by donning their glamorous creations online.

Recently, Armani staged his Milan Fashion Week show without an audience in February as the outbreak was spreading, meaning he was forced to rely on online streams for his audience.

The company explained: ''The show will be shown behind closed doors, due to the recent developments of coronavirus in Italy, live-streamed in front of an empty theatre on the Armani website, therefore please do not attend the show this afternoon.

''The decision was taken to safeguard the well-being of all his invited guests by not having them attend crowded spaces.''

What's more, the fashion house has pushed back the Armani Privé show to January 2021 after it was originally meant to be show at Couture Fashion Week 2020 in July, which has since been cancelled.

Armani has also made the decision to move the Privé show from its usual display in Paris to his headquarters in Milan, and has chosen to make the collection ''seasonless'' with winter and summer pieces.

The news comes after the luxury brand helped in the fight against the vast-spreading COVID-19 by donating $1.4 million.

The money helped three hospitals in Milan, one in Rome, and the Civil Protection Agency.

His donation was given amid reports the health system in the Lombardy region was ''a step away from collapse'', with intensive care facilities struggling to cope with the huge influx of patients, and supplies diminishing as a result.