Giorgio Armani has created custom-made pieces for Jodie Foster to wear in her new movie 'Elysium'.

The 50-year-old actress is no stranger to Armani creations after being spotted sporting the plush designs on numerous occasions on the red carpet, but now the star is set to be seen in the Italian designer's couture on the big screen in her role as Secretary Delacourt in the new futuristic science fiction film.

Giorgio told WWD: ''My real personal pleasure with 'Elysium' was to be given the honour of outfitting my long-time friend Jodie Foster. She remains one of my favourite actresses. I admire her work, her talent, her life. I'm captivated by how she personifies the world of 2154 while also making my designs utterly timeless.''

The designer collaborated on a unique collection of suits with the film's costume designer April Ferry, and the pieces include elegant trousers and graceful skirts, which will add to the business-like persona of Jodie's character.

Giorgio isn't the only one to create special outfits for the big screen, however.

Karl Lagerfeld recently designed a bespoke cream jacket especially for Cate Blanchett for her new movie, 'Blue Jasmine'.