Giorgio Armani has designed Alicia Keys' tour outfits.

The legendary designer created a custom-made wardrobe for the 'Empire State Of Mind' singer for the European leg of her 'Element of Freedom' concerts, which started last month.

The items of clothing include a military leather jacket with crocodile print detailing, a one-shoulder silk chiffon gown in dark grey with intricate beading, and a stunning little black dress, complete with a cascade ruffle.

All the outfits are decorated with Swarovski crystals, sequins and beading.

Alicia and Giorgio have been friends for a long time and enjoy working together.

Talking about her relationship with the fashion legend, Alicia has previously said: "My friendship with Giorgio Armani happened early on. He started sending me clothes and then we began working more closely for big events. The first major dress we designed together was for the Grammys in 2006. It was a fully beaded black Privee dress that weighed about a ton, but once it was on, it felt just gorgeous.

"When Giorgio fits me, he comes in like a magician and twirls around me three or four times, checking which bits need pulling in and what should be taken out. He's totally, completely involved, and he's very gentle - I think he just loves women. I keep all the dresses that he makes for me. Many define special moments in my life and career, and I figure, eventually, I will work out what I want to do with them all."