Review of A Man's Thought Album by Ginuwine

Review of Ginuwine's album A Man's Thoughts

Ginuwine A Man's Thought Album

Ginuwine is back with his 7th album! Wow it's interesting to hear from Ginuwine again as indeed he did dominate the soul/r'n'b chart in the 90's. Well it seems he's still going strong and even the world is in a different place he certainly stands tall in the heart of why this genre was always so popular.

Well I'm a soul lover and hearing 'A Man's Thoughts' brings back memories of sweet soul in the 90's. He's certainly a great singer and the roundness and flow of this album shows maturity from someone with experience and love for the feeling of soul. There's obvious respect for the man with features from Timbaland, Missy Elliott and Brandy. The music is well produced and fits totally into the r'n'b mould and even though sounds have moved on there was a reason why this sound had it's glory, because it made you feel good. Indeed Ginuwine has succeeded with this offering.

'A Man's Thought's' is a soul album with maturity. It's not trying to sell anything, it has an appreciation for this sound with no compromise. It's not trying to win a new audience. It as it's place and it's honest and heartfelt. I've never been a Ginuwine fan or sought his music, however listening to this album, and being a lover of soul, I appreciated it. Props to Ginuwine.

Tareck Ghoneim

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