Actress Gina Gershon is writing an autobiographical book about her search for her missing cat.
The Showgirls star, 50, teamed up with her brother Dann to pen children's novel Camp Creepy Time in 2007, but she is now working on her first book for adults and she's drawing on her beloved pet's disappearance 10 years ago for inspiration.
In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Pussy and Lost My Mind details the extraordinary lengths Gershon went to to find the cat, even taking advice from comedienne Ellen DeGeneres' animal psychic and crawling through backyards in West Hollywood, leaving a trail of her own urine to help her furry friend find his own way home.
She tells New York Magazine, "People kept telling me I had to make it a book because no one believed it was a true story."
Gershon admits she is expecting some critics to pan the upcoming release, but she is still nervous to find out what they think about her writing.
She says, "I'm not trying to be (Fyodor) Dostoyevsky (Russian novelist) or pretend I'm this amazing writer. I'm not. People are probably going to say, 'Stick to your day job' anyway."