The Bound star was just 18 when she was offered the chance to romance the music legend on the big screen in his 1984 movie, and now, days after his untimely death, Gina has revealed all about the part she passed up.

"I had never done a movie before," she told Page Six. "I was 18 or something... I was young. At that time, I wanted to be a quote-unquote serious actress."

Gershon admits she has always regretted not taking the plunge for a naked lake scene in Purple Rain: "I don't know what I was thinking. I was totally stupid."

But at least she got to meet Prince, who picked her up in a purple limousine for a meeting in Minnesota.

"It was all really surreal, but the most surreal moment was when he played me Purple Rain," Gershon recalled. "I kept trying to not let my jaw drop open. It was so beautiful, and then it literally started drizzling through the sky roof, and I thought, 'How did he make that happen?' It was a very magical, surreal, incredible experience.

"We went dancing. He watched me dance. And then we played music at the piano for a while and we laughed and then he handed me the script."

Gershon chose her studies at New York University over Prince's project and she admits the singer was not happy when she turned his film offer down: "I made him drive me to the airport, and I don't think he was very happy," she said.