Actress Gina Gershon is convinced she can't get a date with a man her age - because 40-something guys are too intimidated to chat her up.
Gershon, 47, has written off men of her generation, insisting they weren't raised to appreciate strong, career-minded women.
She tells the New York Post, "I'm available. Single... But eligible guys are hard to find. I know amazing professional women who can't get guys. Only young ones come on to me. In their 20s, they're emotionally available and more polite. Those my own age don't want strong women. The ones in their 40s were raised wrong."
And until the Showgirls star finds a suitable mate, Gershon is relying on her male cat to screen young suitors.
She explains, "My only male right now is Cleo, my cat. We're together 11 years... Listen, I'm so approachable, so not intimidating, but if I have a man over and Cleo doesn't like him - he's out!"