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Gina Gershon: 'I Still Regret Turning Down Naked Role In Prince's Purple Rain'

The Bound star was just 18 when she was offered the chance to romance the music legend on the big screen in his 1984 movie, and now, days after his untimely death, Gina...

Gina Gershon Fired Talent Agents Over Bound Dispute

The Showgirls star reveals she fell in love with the script as soon as she read it, but her representatives didn't want Gershon to risk her entire career by featuring in the 1996...

The Movies Of The Wachowski's: From Best To Worst

Press shy and intentionally low-profile, the Wachowski brothers (now brother and sister) occupy a rare position in Hollywood of being household names, responsible for some truly awe-inspiring works of cinematic innovation that have enamoured critics...

Gina Gershon Suffered Bronchitis While Playing Chain-smoking Versace

Actress Gina Gershon battled bronchitis after wrapping new Tv movie House Of Versace - because she smoked constantly throughout the project.The Bound star portrays chain-smoking fashion designer Donatella Versace in the film and admits she...

Raquel Welch Cast In Donatella Versace Lifetime Movie

Raquel Welch will play Donatella Versace's aunt in a Lifetime biopic TV movie of the fashion designer's life. The film, entitled House of Versace will follow the life of Versace as she is forced to...

Gina Gershon Writing Book About Missing Cat

Actress Gina Gershon is writing an autobiographical book about her search for her missing cat.The Showgirls star, 50, teamed up with her brother Dann to pen children's novel Camp Creepy Time in 2007, but she...

Wyle And Gershon Dating

Former E.R. star NOAH WYLE is dating actress GINA GERSHON, seven months after splitting from his wife.Wyle, 38, announced that his nine-year marriage to make-up artist Tracy Warbin was over in October (09), and he...

Gershon: 'Older Men Were Raised Wrong'

Actress GINA GERSHON is convinced she can't get a date with a man her age - because 40-something guys are too intimidated to chat her up.Gershon, 47, has written off men of her generation, insisting...

Gershon Agents Demand Commission In New Legal Battle

GINA GERSHON is embroiled in a bitter lawsuit with her former talent agents over allegations she failed to pay them commission for landing her a job on Broadway.The Showgirls star is currently appearing opposite former...

Gershon Sparred With Bob Dylan

GINA GERSHON got in shape for 1996 movie BOUND by beating up rock legend BOB DYLAN in the gym. The actress's trainer introduced her to Dylan, who is a longtime closet boxer, and the pair...

Gershon Turns Down Prince

Hollywood star GINA GERSHON turned down the opportunity to work with pop superstar PRINCE - because he wanted to change her name. The actress, who is also an accomplished singer, admits she was asked by...

Tarantino Hit By Dylan

Maverick moviemaker QUENTIN TARANTINO discovered BOB DYLAN packs a punch when he agreed to step into the boxing ring with the rock legend. The director has been a member of Dylan's secret Los Angeles boxing...

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