Mixed martial arts champion Gina Carano was jumped outside a hair salon by a member of Israel's most revered spy agency as part of her training for Steven Soderbergh's thriller Haywire.
Carano was recruited by Soderbergh to star opposite Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender in the action film, but having no prior acting experience, the moviemaker tried to ease the beauty into her role as a covert operative by hiring a former Mossad agent to help her get in character.
She says, "I believe they (the producers) were brainwashing me. Like method acting... They put me with an ex-Mossad, that's like a solider and he'd never done a movie either. So he's all excited, putting me through this training. So he puts a Gps (Global Positioning System) on my car and jumps me outside a hair salon... He wanted to kidnap me but Steven Soderbergh said that would have been a little excessive. Is this how movies are made? I'm quite paranoid now."