Gina Carano is the latest sports star to try and make it in Hollywood, but this fierce lady has a little more to offer than most. The 31 year-old is a former MMA cage fighter, and in her latest film 'In The Blood', she utilizes her ass-kicking ability perfectly.

Gina Carano
Gina Carano as Ava in 'In The Blood'

The action-thriller, directed by John Stockwell (Dark Tide), is a rarity in today's movie industry as Carano plays a tough, no-nonsense female protagonist role, which is what cinemagoers are used to a male actor playing.

Joining the former Strikeforce featherweight and the one-time 'Face of Women's MMA,' is Stephen Lang, Luis Guzman, Amaury Nolasco, Cam Gigandet, Danny Trejo, Treat Williams, Ismael Cruz Cordova and Yvette Yates.

Gina Canaro
Carano stars alongside Luis Guzman

Carano plays the wife of a husband (Gigandet) who goes missing during their honeymoon to the Caribbean. The plot follows Carano's search for her missing love as she discovers a conspiracy behind his disappearance.

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