Gigi Hadid gets beauty advice from her mother.

The 20-year-old model says she prefers to have a natural make up look after learning to appreciate her face in it's raw state from mother Yolanda Foster.

She said: ''I've gotten a lot of beauty advice from my mom, but probably the best thing was that she never wore too much makeup and always did really simple looks.

''I grew up thinking that was beautiful. So when I started experimenting with makeup that's what I went for. If you're not a makeup artist and you just try to go for the big looks, it just gets the best of you.''

And in order to perfect her natural look, Gigi doesn't like to mess around with her eyebrows in particular.

She added to People magazine: ''I don't touch them. On set sometimes if there are little stragglers and the makeup artist wants to clean them up on the bottom I'll let them, but it's never enough to shape my eyebrows. I just don't touch them because I'm scared of like messing them up.

''People always make fun of my eyebrows and think that I shape them this way! But if you see a picture of me from when I was two years old I have the same exact eyebrow shape.''