Gigi Hadid is stepping up her ''makeup game''.

The 19-year-old model - who was unveiled as the face of cosmetics brand Maybelline last month - has broken away from her old beauty regime and started experimenting with ''cooler'' looks since landing the spokesperson role.

She said: ''I feel like because I'm the face of Maybelline, I should step up my makeup game. Literally only in this past week I've been trying to do like cooler things, just to try out the different stuff.

''The other night I broke out of my routine and tried this cat-eye that came back down and looked like a fish hook, and the other night I did just single lashes and a hot pink lip.''

Although the blonde beauty is enjoying experimenting with cosmetics she added she won't be devoting entire evenings to finding the perfect look.

She explained: ''I don't think I'll ever be the type of person to be bored on a Sunday and try 10 different things just to take it all off.''

Gigi - who appeared in this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition - also doesn't spend much time styling her hair.

She told Into The Gloss: ''I'm not that big on designer hair care - I really don't care. With stuff like that, I think it doesn't matter that much. Hairspray is hairspray. If I have time, I'll straighten my hair or give it a little curl.

''I usually do my hair and makeup in 30 to 45 minutes, and if my hair is dirty, I'll just put it in a bun or a ponytail. If it's in a bun, I'll part it down the middle and do a low bun with a couple pieces in the front coming down. If it's a ponytail, it's usually a high ponytail, and I'll slick it back because that's easy when you have dirty hair - it looks intentional rather than dirty.''