Gigi Hadid feels ''heartbroken'' by the death of George Floyd.

The 25-year-old model has condemned police brutality in the US, where Floyd recently died on the streets of Minneapolis, leading Derek Chauvin, a former officer in the Minneapolis Police Department, to be charged with his murder.

Gigi wrote on her Instagram account: ''Enraged. Sickened. Heartbroken. But never surprised. This happens way too often - and the videos that go viral are not isolated events. It seems that only when caught on camera are bigots & MURDERERS even getting ''investigated'' or fired .. unfortunately, the only way things will start changing is if all these racist, ignorant, monsters (badge &/or not) have to face the consequences- behind bars. (sic)''

Gigi thinks Americans must ''do more'' to tackle racism and police brutality.

The model - who has more than 54 million followers on Instagram - encouraged her fans to continue to demand justice in order to tackle inequality.

Gigi wrote: ''feels more disheartening and nauseating because our cries for the Government and Americans to do better seem unheard; but even when we feel like what we do isn't enough or can't help, we have to do more. Keep signing petitions, making calls to demand justice, speaking out (this is not just if you have a big platform- it starts in your homes and communities), and fighting to make a difference for every life that has been wrongly taken or effected by THE PANDEMIC OF RACISM. THIS IS ABOUT BEING AGAINST EVERY SENSELESS ACT OF DISCRIMINATION THAT BURDENS THIS COUNTRY. (sic)''